Fire ant invasion cartoon

Contact Information: Questions specifically regarding the European fire ant can be directed to researchers at our lab using this address:

If you have an ant that you would like to have identified, you can send it to us at:

Groden Ant Project Attn:

Jennifer Lund
University of Maine
School of Biology and Ecology
5722 Deering Hall, Rm 313
Orono, ME.  04469-5722

Other insects can be sent to Clay Kirby, entomologist at the UMaine Cooperative Extension Insect and Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.


UMaine Cooperative Extension European fire ant factsheet (PDF)

European fire ant managment sheet (PDF)


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Munson, D. 2007. Villains in Vacationland. UMaine Today.  Volume 7, issue 2: pp. 2-6.


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